RIPAM life is centered around these meeting events. They realize the guidelines defined in RIPAM vision and charte. The results are published in scientific final proceedings. When the proceedings are not available at conference time, a short publication of the abstracts of the papers may help participants during the sessions.

Main RIPAM conferences are held every two years, since 2005, each conference has a general theme that is developped on several lines of investigation covering all RIPAM categories. Intermediate RIPAM conferences discuss one single topic.

Here below is the list of all conferences:

Future conferences
Ripam 11 – Palermo (Italy) 2025
Ripam 12 – Salé (Morocco) 2027

Past conferences and scheduled conferences
Nov 25, 2020

Ripam 8.5 – Firenze (Italy)

Villages and neighborhoods at risk of abandonment. Knowledge, enhancement and restoration strategies

Nov 25, 2020
Sep 20, 2017

Ripam 7 – Genova (Italy)

Conservation and promotion of architectural and landscape heritage of the Mediterranean coastal sites

Sep 20, 2017

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