RIPAM 8.5Firenze (Italy) – November 25-26, 2020
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OrganizerDipartimento di Architettura DIDA, Università di Firenze
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Co-organizer(s)Dipartimento Architettura e Design DAD, Università degli Studi di Genova.
CNR Istituto di Scienze del Patrimonio Culturale
ThemeVillages and neighborhoods at risk of abandonment. Knowledge, enhancement and restoration strategies
Sub-themes1: Cultures for conservation and valorization of heritage at risk of abandonment in Italy
2: Cultures for the conservation and enhancement of heritage at risk abandonment in Europe
3: Cultures for the conservation and enhancement of heritage at risk abandonment in the Maghreb and Middle East
SynthesisThe issue of villages and neighborhoods at risk of abandonment is a common topic in many Mediterranean regions and is considered as a strategic point of the new European policies. The progressive abandonment of inland areas, with phenomena of emigration and fragmentation of cultural heritage, is a common trend in countries characterized by economic underdevelopment. This leads to the decay of architectural artifacts and buildings and problems with land management. Some aspects of this issue are also found in several urban areas. The goal of this research work is collecting international debates, discussions, opinions and comparisons concerning the analysis, study, surveys, diagnoses and graphical rendering of architectural heritage and landscape as well as demo-ethno-anthropological witnesses, typological-constructive stratifications, materials and technologies of traditional and vernacular constructions of historic buildings.
Total on-line edition, during COVID pandemic period.
The conference proceedings and the collection of abstracts have both been published open access on line.
ProceedingsVillages et quartiers à risque d’abandon : stratégies pour la connaissance, la valorisation et la restauration, edited by Lamia Hadda, Saverio Mecca, Giovanni Pancani, Massimo Carta, Fabio Fratini, Stefano Galassi, Daniela Pittaluga. Firenze University Press, 2022.
ISBN 978-88-5518-535-6 (Print) – ISBN 978-88-5518-537-0 (PDF) – ISBN 978-88-5518-538-7 (XML)
DOI 10.36253/978-88-5518-537-0
Open Access
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AbstractsRecuil des résumés – Villages et quartiers à risque d’abandon. Stratégies pour la connaissance, la valorisation et la restauration. INTERMEDIATE CONFERENCE – FIRENZE 2020
8.5th Intermediate total on line Edition Firenze 25/26 November 2020, Edited by S. Mecca, S. Caccia Gherardini,
M. Carta, G. De Luca, F. Fratini, S. Galassi,
L. Hadda, G. Pancani, D. Pittaluga.
Didapress, Firenze, 2021, ISBN 9788833381237
Open Access
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ProgramRipam 8.5 conference program
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