RIPAM 4M’Sila (Algerie) – April 10-12, 2012
OrganizerInstitut de gestion et techniques urbaines, Université de M’sila
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ThemeInternational Meeting of Mediterranean Architectural Heritage
Sub-themes1- Architectural style (Roman, Berber, Arab-Islamic, Ottoman, Haussmannians buildings,…..)
2- Archaeological sites and historical monuments.
3- Ancient materials analysis, characterization, provenance, and traditional know-how
4- Factors and processes of degradation and heritage restoration techniques.
5- Habitats and surrounding geological resources.
6- Environment, Management and urban techniques.
ProceedingsRecueil de communications de la quatrième Rencontre Internationale sur le Patrimoine Architecturel Méditerranéen RIPAM 4, edited by Urban Technologies Management Institute and Urban and Ocean Technologies Laboratory, University of M’Sila, Ministry of High Education and Scientific Research, 2012
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ProgramConference program
PlacardPoster of the conference
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